Asst. Prof. Queenie Roxas-Ridulme, a faculty member from the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS), University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) is the newly-appointed Director of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungód UPOU effective 1 October 2021. She is also the designated Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs for Data Management and one of the FMDS Mental Health Focal Persons. She is also a registered nurse and a Masters degree holder in Nursing.

Before assuming her position as the Director, Asst. Prof. Ridulme served as the UPOU representative to the Ugnayan ng Pahinungód Committee on Psychosocial and Emergency Services (CoPES) from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2021 and the Program Development Associate of the Pahinungod UPOU from 1 July to 31 September 2021. She served as the Program Chair of the Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program of FMDS for five years, and teaches courses in nursing administration. She also served as the President of the All UP Academic Employees Union-Open University (AUPAEU-OU) Chapter Council from February to September 2021 and Secretary to the UPOU Institutional Research Ethics 2021.

During the Ugnayan ng Pahinungód inception anniversary celebration titled Padayon, Pahinungód, a fellowship activity between the staff and volunteersAsst. Prof. Ridulme acknowledged the time and effort of the Pahinungód UPOU volunteers in taking part in the programs. She also thanked the continuous support from everyone – staff and volunteers, and hoped for more opportunities to serve the people through the different Pahinungód programs.

Written by Charlene Mina and Jestine Crhistia Gatdula

Edited by Queenie Roxas-Ridulme