Project E-Storyahe

Do you love reading books to others? This volunteer opportunity might be for you!

“I-storya-he!”, which can be translated to “Tell the story”, is an expression commonly used in the province of Marinduque. This is usually accompanied with a nudge or wink to playfully urge someone to share what they know with their friends.

With this idea in mind, “E-storyahe!” aims to use the internet and the electronic media to encourage story-sharing among students, faculty, alumni, staff, and anyone connected to the University of Philippines. We are in need of storytellers who:

  1. share the love for reading and learning;
  2. own children’s books at home; and
  3. can record themselves reading books

Volunteers may email their videos at [email protected]. The email should also include the signed consent to post their works on the E-storyahe webpage.

For inquiries, email us at [email protected]